About Us

Welcome to our home! We are Christophe and François, a couple passionate about hospitality and customer satisfaction. We love to travel and meet people from different cultures, and we are delighted to share our passion for hospitality with you in our accommodations in Perpignan.

We chose this city for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and proximity to ski resorts and Spain. We take pride in offering you a superior quality experience with comfortable and well-equipped accommodations, along with personalized and warm service.

Our Trusted Team

We are fortunate to have our trusted team, consisting of Julien and Sophie, to address all your requests and ensure a pleasant stay. Although the arrival of guests is self-managed through a smart lock, Julien and Sophie are available to answer all your questions and assist you remotely if needed.

We work closely with them to provide you with exceptional and personalized service. So, rest assured that you are in good hands!