Discovery of Narbonne: Cathedral, Old Town, and Canals

Narbonne, a gem in the south of France, located in the beautiful Occitanie region, is a city filled with historical and architectural treasures. At the heart of this millennial city are a majestic cathedral, a picturesque old town, and serene canals. Explore with us the treasures of Narbonne, from its majestic cathedral to its charming old town, to its peaceful canals. Immerse yourself in the history, culture, and beauty of this unique destination.

Article dated 07.03.2023

A stroll through the narrow alleys of the old town is a true journey back in time. The perfectly preserved medieval houses bear witness to the rich and eventful history of the city. Wander along the quaint small squares, discover local craft shops, and stop at one of the charming cafes to enjoy a French coffee. The old town is also known for its covered market, 'Les Halles,' where you can indulge in fresh and regional products. The lively atmosphere and well-preserved architecture of the old town make every step a genuine discovery.

Narbonne is traversed by the Canal de la Robine, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The canals offer a peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful view of the surroundings. Stroll along the quays, watch the boats glide gently, and soak in the tranquility of the area. Narbonne's canals are also an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a break on the terrace of one of the cafes lining the banks. Let yourself be charmed by this serene ambiance that invites contemplation.

A charming destination that blends history, architecture, and the art of living. Its Gothic cathedral, picturesque old town, and tranquil canals make it an irresistible attraction. While visiting the city, you will be transported to a world steeped in beauty and tradition. Take the time to wander through the medieval streets, admire the architectural details of the cathedral, and be lulled by the tranquility of the canals. Narbonne is a destination that will undoubtedly captivate all lovers of history, culture, and picturesque landscapes.