Fascinating Discovery of Villefranche-de-Conflent and Its Historical Treasures

Article from June 26, 2023

Villefranche-de-Conflent is a charming medieval town nestled in the Pyrénées-Orientales, providing a fascinating dive into history. During a day visit, you'll have the opportunity to freely explore the medieval village, admire the imposing ramparts, and venture into the renowned Fort Libéria. Additionally, a refreshing getaway to the Grotte des Canalettes will complement this unforgettable experience.

Villefranche-de-Conflent: A Journey Through Time

Located at the confluence of the Tet and Cady rivers, Villefranche is a true medieval gem. Stroll freely through its picturesque alleys and discover its stone houses, arcades, and charming squares. The medieval atmosphere transports you to another time, while the ramparts surrounding the city offer breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Rampart villefrance de confluent

Enjoy a paid visit to explore the imposing ramparts of the city. For only €5.00 (full rate), you can wander inside these fortifications and uncover the secrets of their construction. Torchlight guided tours, available in July and August, add a mystical atmosphere to this immersive experience (full rate: €10.00).

Gastronomic Delights in the Medieval City

After a morning of exploration, it's time to delight your taste buds at La Forge d'Auguste restaurant. Nestled in the heart of the medieval city, this establishment offers a delicious variety of dishes, ranging from savory burgers to delicate crepes. Enjoy the warm atmosphere and historical charm of this restaurant.

However, note that La Forge d'Auguste is just one example among several other quality restaurants in the region. The village is filled with restaurants offering diverse and succulent cuisine. Feel free to explore local options and indulge in other culinary establishments that will surely satisfy your palate.

Fort Libéria: A Majestic Vauban Fortress

In the early afternoon, get ready for a captivating adventure exploring Fort Libéria, an impressive fortress built by military engineer Vauban. To access the fort, you have two options:

Steep Path: You can take a picturesque trail of about 30 minutes that will lead you to the fort. This option is suitable for those who enjoy challenges and are willing to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty throughout the ascent.

Underground of the 1000 Steps: If you're seeking a more adventurous experience, you can opt for the famous "Underground of the 1000 Steps." Ascend through this unusual staircase, carved into the earth, to reach the fort. This option is perfect for thrill-seekers and underground exploration enthusiasts.

Please note that there is also an alternative option for individuals with reduced mobility or those preferring a more convenient means of transportation. For a fee of €13.00, you can choose to visit the fort in a 4x4, providing easier access and an equally enriching experience.

Cave of Canalettes: A Captivating Underground Journey

Just a few minutes by car from Villefranche, the Canalettes Cave awaits you for an unforgettable underground experience. Marvel at the spectacular rock formations, be enchanted by the play of light, and immerse yourself in the sound animations that bring this mysterious world to life. One of the most impressive chambers in the caves is the 'Cathedral Room.' True to its name, it offers exceptional acoustics and a majestic atmosphere.
Another major attraction within the caves is the 'Grand Dome.' This immense underground chamber features a dome-shaped ceiling. The rock formations within are spectacular, providing a striking perspective on the grandeur of nature.

Practical Information

Visit of the city walls

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Self-guided Tour

Full Price: €5.00
Reduced Price: €4.50 (Inter Sites Pass, students...)
Child Rate (5 to 10 years old, including school groups): €2.00

Guided Tour

Torchlight Tours on Mondays and Wednesdays in July and August
Full Price: €10.00
Reduced Price: €8.00


Entrance of the City Walls
2 Rue Saint Jean
66 500 Villefranche-de-Conflent

Phone: +334.

Opening Hours

July-August: 10am-8pm
June-September: 10am-7pm
April-May-October: 11am-6pm
February-March-November-December: 1pm-5pm

Dogs on a leash are allowed.

Payment methods: cash, checks, holiday vouchers, credit cards.

Please note that the City Walls are on two levels and are not accessible to wheelchair users.

Visit of Fort Liberia

Self-guided Tour by Staircase

Full Price: €7.00
Reduced Price: €6.00 (Inter Sites Pass, students...)
Child Rate (5 to 10 years old, including school groups): €4.20

Guided Tour in 4x4

Torchlight Tours on Mondays and Wednesdays in July and August
Adults: €11.00
Children (5 to under 11 years old): €5.50
Adult Groups: €9.50
Primary School Groups: €4.60
Secondary School Groups: €5.50


Fort Libéria 
66 500 Villefranche de Conflent 

Opening Hours

July-August: 9am-8pm
May-June: 10am-7pm
Other periods: 10am-6pm

Dogs are not allowed.

Payment methods: cash

Please note that the fort is on multiple levels and is not accessible to wheelchair users.